The 4 Phases of the Eurodiet

Eurodiet has been becoming increasingly popular around the world and is starting to catch on in the USA as well. This dieting plan is not a traditional diet, although weight loss and improved physical fitness is achieved. There are 4 phases that are used with this diet, and each phase has a specific goal and intended purpose. This diet may not be ideal for individuals with certain medical conditions but it has shown tremendous results in many followers.

Phase 1 of the diet consists of protein nutrition as the goal. This phase may last anywhere from 10 days to 30 days, and fat is burned off due to the consumption of high biological value proteins in large amounts. This causes the body to go into a state of ketoacidosis and large amounts of stored fat will be burned off quickly. Phase 1 of this diet causes fast slimming and weight loss that is accelerated.

Phase 2 of Eurodiet uses selective nutrition to provide nutritional support while continuing to encourage slimming and the loss of any leftover additional weight. This phase is generally followed for between 20 days and 40 days once phase 1 is completed. The diet followed during phase 2 will still include large amounts of protein but other foods are also allowed. The diet recommended will avoid unpleasant side effects like a lack of energy, irritability, hunger, or tiredness.

Phase 3 of this diet involves a gradual transition to an optimal diet. Carbohydrates will be slowly introduced while weight stabilization is achieved, and a personal diet based on need will be followed during this phase. The end goal for the diet is balanced nutrition without any future weight gain. Phase 3 helps the individual slowly adjust to a diet that is both nutritious and balanced, meeting all of the daily nutritional needs.

Phase 4 of Eurodiet involves balanced nutrition. Long term nutrition and weight goals are set and steps are taken to reach these goals. This phase is a long term phase that is designed to keep you at your current weight and fitness levels. Once you have slimmed down in phases 1-3 then you will need to make diet and lifestyle changes so that you keep the weight off and retain your new figure.

10 Top Notch Tips To Achieving Successful Dieting

It is common knowledge that regular exercise and eating lower amounts of food is vital to weight loss but some people still find it difficult to do. The right diet should not be difficult for you to maintain. Here are the best ten tips that will enable you to develop the right attitude for reducing your weight.

Information is a priority.

Be informed about the most up-to-date research. Go through articles in magazines to increase your knowledge about healthy eating. You will be more assured of achieving your weight loss goal if you are equipped with the latest information.

Make sure you are motivated.

It is very important that before you begin your weight loss programme to write down your reasons for loosing weight. Having clear goals at the start will make it easier to commit. Loosing weight to improve health problems is a good starting point, it shouldn’t just be about looking good. Keep the list close to hand and refer to it regularly to keep you motivated.

Watch what you eat.

Keep a food diary of what you eat and drink, having an understanding of your feeding habits will help identify your trouble areas. Knowing what you eat and drink will enable you to make those all important changes. This will keep you in control and help you plan ahead

Set targets that are achievable.

It has been shown from certain studies that it is proper to begin by losing at least 10% of your bodyweight. You can break this into more controllable chunks, reaching for 2-3kg in one stretch. Maintaining your weight is a success in itself. On the other hand, when you lose a little weight over a period of time, your health improves. When you are ready to begin your diet program, take it one step at a time. Practical goals that are achievable will lead to success and make you more confident.

Eat small meals frequently.

Eating less calories than you burn will ensure you loose weight. However if you are constantly hungry this can be difficult. It has been shown that those who snack or graze on 4 or 5 meals per day can manage their weight more effectively. Try to divide up your food intake into smaller portions and eat them earlier in the day, avoid eating after your evening meal.

Add protein to every meal.

Diets with higher protein content can reduce overall food intake. This is because protein is more satisfying than both carbohydrate or fat. Protein makes you feel fuller sooner, so making sure you have a lean portion of chicken or fish will help with this goal. Protein also takes longer to digest and enter the blood stream so alleviates that sugar rush associated with diets high in carbohydrate.

Distractions can also make you eat more.

Most individuals eat more food when they are distracted. Try to eat your meals at specific times each day. You will discover that you will consume fewer calories and will be more aware of what you eat. Studies have shown that eating while watching TV or when in traffic can make you consume 40% more calories.

You can enjoy your best meals.

It will not be in your best interests to ban your favorite foods. It is better to have a menu that includes smaller portions of your favorite foods in combination with other healthier alternatives. Just find a way to enjoy what you love without overdoing it.

Find time for some exercise.

Engaging in physical exercise increases the rate of metabolism. You will be more energetic, sleep peacefully and have a better attitude to life. Being a part of an exercise program will help you develop your muscles and give you a fine shape. You are more motivated when you exercise with a group of people.

Lastly, have some self confidence.

Do not expect to see changes overnight. It takes time for habits to change. You may even deviate from the diet plan occasionally. Do not be discouraged when this happens. Remind yourself that your ultimate target is to become fitter and have better health. It will be easier to overcome challenges along the way if you continue to think positively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eurodiet

How does this diet work?

Eurodiet is a very useful diet program that is widely used in France. More than one million people have considered this diet to be a success. This diet aims at losing weight and follows four phases in order to do so.

The first phase increases the consumption of proteins in the food that the person and lasts for around 30 days. The second phase lasts for around 40 days and during this phase, the person consumer’s healthy meals while taking care of his or her protein intake in order to reduce any tiredness. Thirdly, carbohydrates are introduced in the diet plan gradually and lastly, the person’s diet is carefully monitored to make the impact of the phases last.

What are the advantages of this diet?

Eurodiet is well established and many physicians support it. Moreover, this diet program can be followed at home or outside of home and it is not difficult to follow it.

If you monitor your carbohydrate intake carefully and reduce the consumption of alcohol, you can easily complete the diet plan without any problem. In addition, this diet is different from other diets, which aim to reduce weight because while other diets involve reducing calories, this diet stabilizes what you consume. This diet program is nutritional, and balances and keeps you healthy while allowing you to lose weight.

What are the disadvantages of this diet program?

While this diet program has various advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, this program is considered expensive and is more or less only available in Europe from where this diet plan gets its name.

It is quite famous in France. Many people cannot use this diet program such as those people who are on medication, face allergies, or women who are pregnant. It is important for you to use the foods recommended in this diet strictly in order to avail the benefits of this diet. People who are under the age of 18 are not recommended to use this diet plan and physicians recommend people to consult their doctor before starting Eurodiet.

What is Eurodiet?

Information that you will need

You must have heard about Eurodiet and if you are searching more information regarding it, you are in the right place. This diet is used in order to reduce weight by combining food in such a way that losing weight becomes easy.

Four phases of the diet

There are four different phases in the diet program. The first phase is related to Protein Nutrition and under this phase, a person has to consume a lot of proteins for around 30 days in order to make metabolism stronger.

The second phase is known as Selective nutrition under which the person will consume healthy meals with a proper intake of proteins. Moreover, in the third phase, or the Gradual Nutrition phase of this diet, the person starts consuming carbohydrates on a daily basis.

Lastly, in the fourth phase, which is known as Balanced Nutrition, the person is carefully monitored in order to keep going on with the change he/she has experienced through the phases.

Why should I use this diet in order to lose weight?

Eurodiet has been used since quite a long time in Europe and is considered a useful diet program. As it provides proteins in the first phase, the person does not intake carbohydrates as well as fats, which the body does not require in large portions.

Low carbohydrates intake is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet is restored by the fourth phase through which the person can easily lose weight.

Consulting your doctor

In this program, it is recommended that you should consult your doctor by informing him about this diet. Your doctor will help you out and provide you more information regarding it.

This diet is useful for people who are trying out various ways to lose their weight. People in France have been using this diet since more than 20 years and almost 1 million people have succeeded in losing their weight. However, people with diabetes, major allergies and women who are pregnant should not use Eurodiet.

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