Advantages and Disadvantages of Eurodiet

How does this diet work?

Eurodiet is a very useful diet program that is widely used in France. More than one million people have considered this diet to be a success. This diet aims at losing weight and follows four phases in order to do so.

The first phase increases the consumption of proteins in the food that the person and lasts for around 30 days. The second phase lasts for around 40 days and during this phase, the person consumer’s healthy meals while taking care of his or her protein intake in order to reduce any tiredness. Thirdly, carbohydrates are introduced in the diet plan gradually and lastly, the person’s diet is carefully monitored to make the impact of the phases last.

What are the advantages of this diet?

Eurodiet is well established and many physicians support it. Moreover, this diet program can be followed at home or outside of home and it is not difficult to follow it.

If you monitor your carbohydrate intake carefully and reduce the consumption of alcohol, you can easily complete the diet plan without any problem. In addition, this diet is different from other diets, which aim to reduce weight because while other diets involve reducing calories, this diet stabilizes what you consume. This diet program is nutritional, and balances and keeps you healthy while allowing you to lose weight.

What are the disadvantages of this diet program?

While this diet program has various advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, this program is considered expensive and is more or less only available in Europe from where this diet plan gets its name.

It is quite famous in France. Many people cannot use this diet program such as those people who are on medication, face allergies, or women who are pregnant. It is important for you to use the foods recommended in this diet strictly in order to avail the benefits of this diet. People who are under the age of 18 are not recommended to use this diet plan and physicians recommend people to consult their doctor before starting Eurodiet.

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